Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Packaging, Tare, Label"

Feedback from visitors QazPack 2023

Tatyana Koryakova, Eriko LLP:

I am a representative of the printing house of self-adhesive stickers. We are visiting the exhibition for the third time, it is very useful for our work specifics. The exhibition is productive, we really liked it. We have found many new companies that we want to work with and promote our company. There are already Russian companies that have taken our business cards. Now we are getting acquainted, and after the exhibition we will contact, start getting to know each other better, draw up contracts. Compared to previous years, the exhibition has become even bigger, more interesting, and more expanded.

Akmal Usmanov, Mauras:

We came from Tashkent city, Uzbekistan. I have repeatedly visited exhibitions held by Iteca. I am currently in Almaty on a business trip and visiting the QazPack exhibition. I am mainly interested in packaging materials, food packaging. The first impressions are wonderful, I would put 10 out of 10 points. The organization is at the highest level, high attendance. I would also like to note that detailed information about the exhibition is given on the Internet, on your website, and it was not difficult for us to find and get there.  We were very satisfied.

Lyubov Basygina, Sales Manager of Upax-Unity:

We came from Perm city specifically for the QazPack exhibition. It is important for us to study the range of milk packaging, find out which manufacturers are represented, see what new types of packaging there are. Thanks to such sites, it becomes clear where to strive and grow. I am glad that it is possible to communicate with our potential consumers.

Yerke Yerlan, Trade Marketer of Ailas Meat Distribution LLP:

This is my first time at the exhibition, I visit as a private person. I am overwhelmed with emotions, a lot of stands are presented. So many new people, so many companies present their novelties, I like it all. I am interested in new types of labels, as well as different types of spices. I’ve already found what I was looking for.

Ildar Seifulin, NARMAK LLP:

My colleagues and I visited an exhibition in the direction of food products and packaging. The impressions were very good. We have found one interesting company, we hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Feedback from visitors QazPack 2022

Lyazzat Giricheva, A-Trade:

It was unexpectedly pleasant that representatives of many countries are participating in the exhibition. We discovered companies that we did not know before in the Kazakhstan market, and met our competitors. We were glad that those companies that are interesting for our business and production were present. Now there is a possibility that we will cooperate with some of them. Also thanks to the exhibition, we get additional information on the development of our direction in other parts of the business. It is very interesting! I think that everything is going well. I want to express my gratitude for the organization of the exhibition.

Yegor Vanin, Atameken Nan 2000:

FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2022 and QazPack were the purpose of our visit to the expositions. But also the HoRex exhibition was important because we have a household and bread production, and now we are considering opening an artisan bakery. We are looking at ingredients for bread, packaging, packaging equipment, and we will work out new contacts of possible partners. This is the first time we have visited the exhibition. We are happy and do not regret that we came from Aktobe. We have been at the exhibition for two days. The meetings are fruitful, and if there are any questions, we will stay for the third day.

Vladisslav Ussik, OptimasmArt LLC:

I visit the QazPack exhibition for the first time. I am here in search of new partners. Unfortunately, there are few packaging materials, as well as printing consumables, we would like to see more participants from the printing and packaging market. However, everything else is presented in the widest range. I am satisfied with the level of the exhibition organization, everything is fine!

Yaroslav Fedorov, A-line:

According to the specific nature of my work, I am interested in all the exhibitions presented here. The exhibitions were all quite interesting and I enjoyed both the equipment and the business expansion opportunities presented. Thanks to the exhibitions, I discovered products that I had not noticed before and did not know they existed. We already have possible contracts coming up. Thanks to the organizers and participants!

Nariman Ussenov, Synar Grupp LLP:

I am a visitor at FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2022 and QazPack 2022. We represent the distributors of a German company and our office is located in Almaty. We are interested in visiting exhibitions of this format, expanding our horizons, and learning how the market is developing at this time. The exhibition is very good from the point of view of understanding the market, so you can find out who is on the market and in what positions. I have visited this exhibition before. I would like to note that in terms of quality and the list of participants, it is one of the best. We also attend thematic exhibitions all over the world. We have something to compare the exhibition FoodExpo Qazaqstan. Its level of organization and the final result is not inferior to others; the only difference is the scale because they have a larger market.

Feedback from visitors QazPack 2021

Artem Galantsev

I visit this exhibition in order to find new clients and products to promote my business. Today I came to QazPack, but in general all areas are very interesting to me, because I sell meat processing equipment. I believe the pandemic has had a negative impact on the scale of the exhibitions. Every year less and less equipment is exhibited, and more food products. But this is rather the specificity of the market. For six years I have been visiting all food exhibitions in the CIS and Germany.

Yevgeny Duplyakin, Neo-Pak LLC

This year I am a visitor to the exhibition, in 2019 I was a participant. Packaging is our profile orientation, therefore, the QazPack exhibition is a key one for us. I can say that the format does not change much, I like everything, it is very informative. The exhibition is very understandable for visitors, that is, you walk around and understand what the companies are doing, everything is broken down by subject. This year, our company decided to skip participation in the exhibition, and until 2019 we exhibited annually with a large stand. I came here to greet the colleagues, competitors, to look at the current composition of players on the market. I hope we will also participate next year.